Subproject 3: Data Sharing and Data Protection

Principal Investigator: Christoph Schickhardt
Research Associate: Christian Deisenroth

The coNfirm consortium brings together an interdisciplinary network of young scientists
including bioinformatical and statistical expertise, clinical and experimental multi-omics
datasets and phenotypes in relation to cardiovascular disease (CVD). The major goal is to
move systems medicine from single molecule causations to a more holistic understanding of
interconnected disease networks by integrating multi-centre generated, multi-omics data sets
spanning various CVD-entities.

We intend i) to identify and define common recommendations
for coherent, comparable and sufficiently specified meta-information and data annotation on
omics data sets, ii) to integrate harmonized omics data sets to computationally generate and
subsequently functionally validate CVD pathways and iii) to define common data sharing
standards that regulate legal requirements of data integration in multi-centered analysis.

Our Subproject 3 aims at meeting the challenges raised by the overall project’s goal to create a valuable data resource including data, biomaterial and expertise from all consortiums partners to systematically explore disease-spanning CVD networks and pathways. The overall aim is to elaborate a regulatory framework for data sharing, to foster pertaining cooperation and reciprocal trust, and to monitor the framework’s implementation. Specifically, this subproject pursues to:

  • Promote data sharing within coNfirm
  • Evaluate and report products and experiences from the data sharing practice
  • Adapt data protection measures and sharing procedures in the light of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Cooperation Partners