vom 18.09.2015

Clinical Trial NOA-16: 1st patient enrolled

In September 2015, the first patient has been enrolled in the clinical trial NOA 16 and has received his 1st vaccination with the IDH1 peptide vaccine.

NOA-16 is a first-in-man trial on the safety and immunogenicity of the IDH1 peptide vaccine in grade III-IV, IDH1R132H-mutant gliomas. The coordinating investigator is Prof. Dr. Platten. The NCT Trial Center comprehensively supports the preparation and conduct of this trial. The GMP manufacturing of the peptide vaccine is carried out at the Heidelberg University Hospital. The study is funded by the NCT 3.0 Trial Program and the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK).

In this trial, 39 patients will be enrolled. Recruitment will be performed in Heidelberg and 7 other DKTK sites. Four trial sites have already been initiated since June 2015 and are screening patients for eligibility.

For further information regarding the trial please refer to NCT´s study database at CTIS or the NCT homepage.