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The NCT Melanoma Program sees more than 200 newly diagnosed and 2500 follow-up melanoma patients each year and is a leading referral center for histopathology. The clinical trials program ranges from phase I to IV (Flaherty N Engl J Med 2012). In collaboration, the program engages in basic and translational research (Meyer Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011; Sevko J Immunol 2013; Sevko J Invest Dermatol and Development 2013; Schäkel Blood 2013) and participates in PPGs (SFB 938 Human Immunology), EU grants (Targeted Therapy) and the Helmholtz Alliance for Immunotherapy.

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Prof. Dr. Enk

Prof. Dr. Enk

Prof. Dr. Hassel

Prof. Dr. Hassel


Scientific Goals

  • Systematic characterization of tumor-host immune interactions in malignant melanoma.
  • Phase I/II studies using diverse immunotherapy (Mahnke J Immunol 2005).
  • Translational research on biomarkers for treatment response and treatment side effects.
  • Develop oncolytic virus vaccine for melanoma (Nettelbeck J Invest Dermatol 2013).
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