vom 20.11.2015

SPL Database for Sample Processing within the DKFZ-HIPO and NCT-POP programs

The medical computer scientists of the NCT Trial Center have developed a database based on the MS SQL Server technology to facilitate sample processing within the Heidelberg Center for Personalized Oncology (DKFZ-HIPO) and the Precision Oncology Program (NCT-POP).

The software comprises all processes performed by the Sample Processing Lab (SPL), including:

  • tracking and administration of samples, e.g. automated reading of samples using a barcode scanner or excel import,
  • automated configuration and printing of sample labels,
  • systematic documentation of complex sample processing and analyses,
  • documentation of results of internal analyes,
  • automated calculation of samples´ volume and concentration, and
  • summary statistics and reports regarding sample processing for particular projects.

The Sample Processing Lab actively uses the database for their daily working routines. The NCT Trial Center continuously optimizes and further develops the database in close collaboration with the Sample Processing Lab. For more details regarding the SPL Database (in German) here»