Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Eva Winkler

Head of the program EPOC, Project Speaker EURAT

Christian Deisenroth, M.A.
Background: Religious Studies and Ethics (Regulatory Perspective)
Areas of Competence: Data Sharing, Data Protection, information security, ethical and regulatory aspects of medical research
Projects: coNfirm
Phone: +49 6221 56 38732

Dr. rer. nat. Irina Idler

Background: Molecular and cellular Biology/ Clinical Trial Management (AMG and MPG)
Areas of Competence: Tumor-stromal interaction, biomedical research and translational medicine, Project Management of Clinical Trials, Ethics of biomedical research and translational medicine.
Projects: EURAT  (Ethische und Regulatorische Aspekte der Totalgenomsequenzierung)
Phone: +49 0151-19100062

Dr. phil. Elke Kaufmann
Background: Social Work/Sociology
Areas of Competence: qualitative methods of empirical social research, psychosocial counseling in oncology, transcultural counseling and social work, educational research.
Projects: HiGHmed
Phone: +49 6221 5638259

Dr. rer. med. Katsiaryna Laryionava
Background: Social Sciences/Ethics
Areas of Competence: Ethics of End of life care, End of life decision-making, Ethics of geriatric oncology, Empirical research methods (qualitative and quantitative).
Projects: EPAL, PAC-E
Phone: +49 6221 5635727

Dr. phil. Katja Mehlis

Background: Social Science and Humanities/ Communication Studies
Areas of Competence: Empirical Research Methods; Data Analysis; Clinical Ethics (End-of-life decision making, Geriatric Oncology, Psycho-Oncology, Economic Impact of Cancer)
Projects: EPAL, ELBA, PAC-E, Cancer and Poverty
Phone: +49 6221 56-35727

Dr. phil. Christoph Schickhardt

Background: Philosophy/Ethics
Areas of Competence: Ethics of biomedical research and translational medicine; Ethics of genomics, Genomics and big data in health care; Data Sharing and Data Protection; Childhood ethics.
Projects: HiGHmed, coNfirm, DASYMED 
Phone: +49 6221 56-36756

Dr. med. Lena Woydack
Background: Medicine
Areas of Competence: Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Medical Ethics (autonomy; doctor-patient-relationship; communication; end of life questions)
Projects: ELBA
Phone: +49 6221 56-32833

Associated Physicians:

Dr. med. Helene Hofmann
Phone: +49 6221 56-37216

Dr. med. Stefanie Zschäbitz

Student Assistants:

Nevena Cholakova
Dorothea Ell
Jonas Narchi