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CP Sarcoma


The NCT Sarcoma Program has a leading position in Germany. The Division of Orthopedic Oncology functions as surgical reference center of the international osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma study groups. Radiooncology provides unique treatment modalities. Clinical research includes IITs (Schmitt BMC Cancer 2011) and has enabled development of novel PET methodologies (Dimittrakopoulou-Strauss J Nucl Med 2010), intraoperative radiotherapy, bone surgery, and hemipelvic reconstructions (Lehner Arch Orth Trau Surg 2010; Witte Eur J Surg Oncol 2009). Translational research establishes integrative molecular analysis of soft-tissue sarcomas (Renner Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2012; Fellenberg Int J Cancer 2010) including NGS technology (Sarcoma Competence Network and HIPO/POP).

CP Sarcoma


Prof. Dr. Fröhling
Translational Medical Oncology

Prof. Dr. Egerer
Medical Clinic V


Dr. Apostolidis
Medical Oncology

PD Dr. Gröschel
Medical Clinic V

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