Gynecological / Breast Tumors

Prof. Dr. A. Schneeweiss

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schneeweiss
Head of Divison of Gynecological Oncology


Phone: +49 6221 56-5959 or 567985
Fax: +49 6221 56-5320

Patientenzentrum 2
Im Neuenheimer Feld 460
69120 Heidelberg


  • interdisciplinary therapeutic management of breast and gynecological cancers with innovative targeted- and immunotherapeutic-interventions as well as conventional cytotoxic chemotherapeutic protocols within certified structures
  • interdisciplinary diagnostics, therapy planning and treatment in close cooperation with the women’s hospital (local diagnosis and surgical therapy), radiation oncology, pathology, anesthesiology / pain management, human genetics as part of entity-specific tumor boards
  • special outpatient and day hospital unit for systemic tumor therapies
  • associated complementary procedures (supportive measures): psycho-oncology, pain therapy, nutrition, sports, palliative medicine
  • treatment of patients in conventional and biomarker-stratified therapy studies


  • guideline-driven routine standard diagnostics in close cooperation with radiology and pathology
  • extended molecular-genetic diagnostics (personalized oncology; COGNITION & CATCH)

Treatment / Therapeutic Procedures

  • guideline-based interdisciplinary medicinal treatment within:
  • current therapy recommendations of the AGO (“Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gynäkologische Onkologie“)
  • experimental phase I-IV trial protocols / therapy-optimizing studies
  • off-label use

Follow-up Care

  • guideline-based follow-up care

Appointments can be made via telephone or E-Mail. The following documents are required in advance:

  1. A current referral note (Annotation: Heidelberg University Hospital)
    Original sent by post!
  2. Cover page with all contact details
  3. Histological findings
  4. Current physician’s letter with chronological presentation of disease progression
  5. Current imaging (CT, MRT) as written report
  6. Surgery Report
  7. Recommendation of Tumour Board

Please send your documents via fax or post.

If you would like a treatment at NCT, you are welcome to send us your treatment documents by post. We use your documents to check whether we can offer you participation in a clinical trial at the NCT. Due to the current Covid situation, please understand the longer processing times. If we think you might benefit from a clinical trial at our facility, we will contact you.

When attending a consultation session at NCT Heidelberg for the first time, please bring along all results of previous medical examinations as copies, like for example the current physician’s letter, pathological findings and all imaging on CD as well as a referral note (Annotation: Heidelberg University Hospital / NCT).

If you are taking medication, please bring it with you and / or note which medication and dose is being used.