Head of division:
Prof. Dr. A. Schneeweiss

Consultation session:

Prof. Dr. Marmé, Dr. Mavratzas

Gynecological / Breast Tumors

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Consultation session

  • Prof. Dr. Schneeweiss
  • Prof. Dr. Marmé
  • Dr. Mavratzas

Appointments can be made via phone call or e-mail. For appointments, we need your personal details, information about your disease and, if applicable, also information on previous examinations and treatment. Based on this data, we will offer you an appointment for the respective consultation session as soon as possible.

If you come to the NCT for your first appointment, we ask you to bring all previous examination results in copy, for example pathological findings and all imaging on CD, as well as a referral letter (to: "Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, NCT"). If you are currently on medication, we ask you to also bring this medication and/or write down the exact type of medication and your individual dose.

A "second opinion" is a personal presentation, where medical findings are re-evaluated and added to if necessary.

If you come to the NCT for the first time to receive a second opinion, you will need to make an appointment and to complete the questionnaire "Second opinion, breast cancer” (PDF-File, only available in German)". Please bring the questionnaire along to your first appointment.

Please complete the questionnaire carefully. A useful second opinion can only be issued, if all necessary information is available. If you are uncertain, or if any medical findings or results are missing, please contact your gynecologist, family physician or radiologist.