FAQ - running information from A to Z

This section is constantly updated.

For questions about the organization:

Regina Hohmann
Tel.: +49 6221 56-5755
E-Mail: regina.hohmann@nct-heidelberg.de

Andreas Klein
Tel.:+49 6221 42-5448
E-Mail: andreas.klein@nct-heidelberg.de



The NCT Run 2023 will probably take place as a hybrid run. A presence event in Heidelberg is planned as well as the possibility to participate worldwide. Further information will be published on these pages.



If you would like a receipt for your donation, please send us an email to fundraising@nct-heidelberg.de .For the donation receipt we need your postal address as well as your complete name.


After registration you have received an email with your personal link to enter the kilometers you have covered. If you use the app, the transfer is automatic. For manual entry, one entry is available for each day. The entry via the link is possible until Monday, July 4 at 12 noon. After that, the system will be closed.


Best times or top performances do not matter on your personal track. It does not matter how many kilometres you can or want to run: it's about setting an example and supporting the fight against cancer. Anyone can participate, anyone can help. Runners, walkers, patients and relatives or families with children - run with us!

On raceresult.de, you may use the same email address - for example for children who do not have their own email address yet.

No official start number will be assigned at registration. In our toolbox you will find start number print templates with the possibility of personalization. Simply download, personalize, print and attach to the shirt on the chosen run day. It would be nice if as many as possible set a sign during the individual run and show that they are part of the virtual NCT run.


The symbolic start of the NCT run is at 6 pm. Of course, you can also run earlier. Start your run by clicking on Start in the raceresult.de app and finish your run by clicking on Finish. The NCT run will end at midnight on July 3. If you want to enter the distances manually, this is also possible between these times (July 1 0am and July 4 12 pm) in the desktop application raceresult.

01 July 2022 00:00: Start virtual NCT-LAUFend against cancer 2022

03 July 2022 24:00: End of virtual NCT-LAUFend against cancer 2022

The NCT virtual run is for all people. However, the type of movement when participating is limited to walking, running or, for example, rolling with a wheelchair. We make an exception with running wheels for children. And if an adult is sitting on it, we won't see it too narrowly either ;-) At any rate, make sure to print an official start number to from our toolbox!

  • Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards or Rollerblades are not allowed on any distance.
  • Balance bikes for small children, wheelchairs, walking aids and Nordic walking sticks are allowed.


For logistical reasons, we can unfortunately not offer running shirts. However, we have various motifs in our toolbox as a print template. Simply download and go to your favorite t-shirt printer.

There are still NCT running shirts from previous years in stock in small quantities at a price of 19,50€. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to fundraising@nct-heidelberg.de.


Together against cancer: Form a team with friends, colleagues or family members. Use the collective registration in the online portal to enter multiple registrations for a team.

Individual participants can also join a team at any time. Simply register via individual registration and enter the appropriate team name in the Team field. Please make sure to use a consistent spelling so that the system can assign you correctly. Please make spelling changes using the change link in your confirmation.

Even if you run in a team, you can decide independently from your team if, where and when you run. According to the applicable contact restriction.

The virtual NCT-RUN against cancer can be run worldwide: In the park or the forest, on the treadmill or the tartan track.

Please comply with the legal regulations and keep a sufficient distance.

In order to avoid large crowds, we also ask you not to run the race on the original NCT-Cancer Running Track.

We stick to our basic principle for the NCT run: It's not about best times or top performances. It's about setting an example and supporting the fight against cancer! Everyone can participate and everyone can help!

Since this is a charity event, we refrain from awarding trophies and medals. Each participant can download and print their own certificate with time and placement online via the results portal.



Share your personal virtual NCT run on social media and tag NCT Heidelberg or use #nctrun, #nctrun2022, #alonetogether.

Please note: only if your user account (on e.g. Instagram) is "public", others can see your posts with the hashtags. You can also send us an email, photo or video of your personal running session, which we will publish, after selection, on our website.

From 1 to 3 July, 2022, you can participate on each day. We look forward to seeing photos of every running session!

The query of the starting locations serves only as an overview. Check out our NCT Running Map to see how all over the world, runners will start for the NCT Heidelberg. Of course, the specified starting location is not binding. You can also start at another location at short notice.