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For questions about the organization:

Regina Hohmann
Tel.: +49 6221 56-5755
E-Mail: regina.hohmann@nct-heidelberg.de

Andreas Klein
Tel.:+49 6221 35762
E-Mail: andreas.klein@nct-heidelberg.de



Participation in the NCT Virtual Run 2021 is free of charge. Donations are requested. Simply register online here and be part of it.


The entire registration process and all important features of tappa.de are explained in our Manual - step by step.


Best times or top performances do not matter on your personal track. It does not matter how many kilometres you can or want to run: it's about setting an example and supporting the fight against cancer. Anyone can participate, anyone can help. Runners, walkers, patients and relatives or families with children - run with us!

On tappa.de, you may use the same email address to create several user accounts - for example for children who do not have their own email address yet. Just make sure not to use the email address as a user name during any of the set-up processes: at the appropriate moment, you are instead given the option "Do you wish to specify your own user name?".

The registration confirmation and the startcode are usually sent in two consecutive emails. If you have received the registration confirmation but no startcode, please first check your spam folder for the sender info@tappa.de. If you do not find anything there either, please contact the support team at info@tappa.de.

No official start number will be assigned at registration. In our toolbox you will find start number print templates with the possibility of personalization. Simply download, personalize, print and attach to the shirt on the chosen run day. It would be nice if as many as possible set a sign during the individual run and show that they are part of the virtual NCT run.


Tappa.de is a service provider in the field of corporate walking competitions. We were able to win Tappa.de as a partner for the technical implementation of the virtual NCT Run 2021. Through Tappa.de we can offer you a personal NCT run account after registration and user account creation. In addition, all registered participants can use the app "Tappa Pro" and also find their personal NCT Run 2021 there. The app synchronizes the steps from the smartphone pedometer and thus determines the distance of movement. Alternatively, data can also be entered manually on the PC browser. In addition, Tappa offers synchronization with fitness trackers from Garmin, Polar and Fitbit. Participants do not incur any costs for using the service.

The symbolic start of the NCT run is at 6 pm. Of course, you can also run earlier. The application/app of Tappa.de counts the covered distances from July 2 at 0 o'clock. The NCT run ends on July 4 at midnight. If you want to enter the distances manually, this is also possible between these times (July 2 at 0 am and July 4 at midnight).

To participate in the virtual NCT run, online registration is mandatory in advance. After successful registration, you create a user account with our technology service provider Tappa.de. We use their software solution to create a shared NCT run experience. With a user account, you will then have access to your personal NCT Run account via www.tappa.de. In your personal NCT run account, you can also manually enter the distance you have run after you have run. However, you can also use the Tappa Pro app and have your distance conveniently entered into the system automatically. In addition, you can connect fitness trackers from Polar, Garmin and Fitbit to your NCT running account, so that your usual device transfers your run into the system.

Tappa Pro itself does not track your steps. If automatic data exchange is allowed during configuration, the app synchronizes with the step data collected by your smartphone approximately every 10 minutes. The app has an interface for exchange between Google Fit (Android) and Apple Health (iOs devices).

The software solution from our partner Tappa.de comes from the health management sector and is programmed for exercise and walking competitions. GPS-based tracking is not used here, but rather the data that can be collected by any smartphone is processed. These are, for example, the integrated pedometers of Apple Health and Google Fit. This data is synchronized with the Tappa Pro app and then converted within the app as kilometers with an average value of 80cm per step.

If you only know the distance of your run, but not the step count, you can calculate this the following way: distance in kilometers x 1250 = step count. For example, a distance of 4.5 km is entered as 5625 steps on tappa.de or in your Tappa Pro app.

Simply click on the Login button at the top right of www.tappa.de and then select "Forgot your password? You will be prompted to enter your email address and will then receive an email with a new password for activation. IMPORTANT: the mail address must be the same as the original address you entered during registration.

You can only create a team after the registration and the setup of a user account at Tappa.de have been successfully completed. In your personal NCT Run account under "To the competition" you will see menu tabs below the graphic. Click on "Organize team" and create a new team here. IMPORTANT: whoever creates a team is automatically team leader. Only this person can add team members to the team. Participants cannot join a team on their own. The team leaders can use the search function to find and add participants. You can only belong to one team at a time. If you want, you can change the team during the NCT run.

The NCT virtual run is for all people. However, the type of movement when participating is limited to walking, running or, for example, rolling with a wheelchair. We make an exception with running wheels for children. And if an adult is sitting on it, we won't see it too narrowly either ;-) At any rate, make sure to print an official start number to from our toolbox!

  • Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards or Rollerblades are not allowed on any distance.
  • Balance bikes for small children, wheelchairs, walking aids and Nordic walking sticks are allowed.


For logistical reasons, we can unfortunately not offer running shirts. However, we have various motifs in our toolbox as a print template. Simply download and go to your favorite t-shirt printer.

There are still NCT running shirts from previous years in stock in small quantities at a price of 19,50€. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to fundraising@nct-heidelberg.de.


The virtual NCT-RUN against cancer can be run worldwide: In the park or the forest, on the treadmill or the tartan track.

Please comply with the legal regulations and keep a sufficient distance.

In order to avoid large crowds, we also ask you not to run the race on the original NCT-Cancer Running Track.

Share your personal virtual NCT run on social media and tag NCT Heidelberg or use #nctrun, #nctrun2021, #alonetogether.

Please note: only if your user account (on e.g. Instagram) is "public", others can see your posts with the hashtags. You can also send us an email, photo or video of your personal running session, which we will publish, after selection, on our website.

From 2 to 4 July, 2021, you can participate on each day. We look forward to seeing photos of every running session!

The query of the starting locations serves only as an overview. Check out our NCT Running Map to see how all over the world, runners will start for the NCT Heidelberg. Of course, the specified starting location is not binding. You can also start at another location at short notice.