Patient Presentation

The NCT oncology outpatient clinics are the central point of contact for both patients with newly diagnosed tumors and those seeking a second opinion.

In the list below, you can find the consultation sessions and contact details for every kind of tumor disease.


Patients addressing themselves to our outpatient clinics for the first time need to give detailed medical history and undergo a physical examination. Previous diagnoses and treatments are viewed and discussed. Additionally, every new patient is introduced to a senior physician working at NCT.

A patient's symptoms are then discussed interdisciplinarily and a recommendation for the subsequent treatment concept is defined. In cases where tumor-specific therapy is necessary (and indicated), we consult with the referring physician and endeavour to find a medical practice or clinic close to the patient's home environment where the treatment can be performed.

The two day care units at NCT also offer a wide range of drug-based therapies for the treatment of tumor diseases. Close cooperation with resident physicians of the region is very important for our work. Therefore, NCT has signed a cooperation agreement with specialists who are members of the "Berufsverband der niedergelassenen Hämatologen und Onkologen in Deutschland e. V. (BNHO), Regionalverband Nordbaden", (German Association of Resident Hematologists and Oncologists, Northern Baden Section), which helps to strengthen this close cooperation for the benefit of oncologic patients.