Immunotherapies for cancer are designed to support or activate the body’s own immune system, in order to detect and attack cancer cells. immunotherapies are currently being intensively studied. There are various approaches to treatment. Aside from strategies for therapeutic inoculation, recent years have seen increased attention on so called immune-checkpoint-inhibitors.

For a number of years now, these checkpoint inhibitors have been approved and available for black skin cancer and advanced lung cancer. Therapeutic cancer inoculation is currently being tested in clinical trials.

Nurse checks an infusion

Frequently asked questions

You can find information on most currently running immunotherapy trials outside of the NCT at https://www.cancerresearch.org/cancer-clinical-trials. For further information please contact the respective institutions.

Please consult your attending physician. He has an overview of currently running trials related to your illness and will inform you in detail.

Information on side effects can be found in the patient handbook on p. 20-21.
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