Elective Track “Interdisciplinary Oncology”

Oncology | Palliative medicine | Translation | Clinic | Laboratory

A new and significantly expanded range of electives and specialized subjects was introduced in the 2017/18 winter semester as part of the clinical study phase of HeiCuMed (from approx. the 5th semester).
In offering the “Interdisciplinary Oncology” elective program, we would like to familiarize you as a student with this exciting and challenging field of oncology.

Scheme structure of the elective track

Interdisciplinary research presents a solid foundation for basic and translational research projects in the field of oncology and for treating patients with cancer. New developments in recent years have led to a significant increase in knowledge in the field of oncology.

Through these courses, we are able to draw on existing structures of the Sozietät Czerny consortium for interdisciplinary study. Several of the lecturers have extensive teaching experience through their work in the Sozietät Czerny or other elective subjects.

Most of the lecturers in our elective program also act as mentors.

What do we offer?

  • An interesting and varied core curriculum, consisting of about 15 lesson units (2-3 hours per week and at least 30 lesson units in total). These compulsory courses are offered every semester.
  • A wide-ranging elective curriculum from all areas of oncology. You can compile another 4 hours per week from the extensive and diverse courses offered.
  • The opportunity to participate in the elective courses for Sozietät Czerny members.
  • A welcoming atmosphere for guest students and auditors.

Detailed information from the Dean of Studies on registering or changing your elective subject etc. can be found on the Heidelberg School of Medicine e-learning platform or contact us under wft-io@med.uni-heidelberg.de.