Elective Track “Interdisciplinary Oncology”

Beginning in the Wintersemester of 2017/18, a new, greatly expanded elective and specialization field will be introduced to the HeiCuMed.

As part of the elective track “Interdisciplinary Oncology”, we want to introduce students as early as possible to the exciting and in many respects challenging field of oncology.

Core-oriented as well as translational research projects in the field of oncology, much like the treatment of patients with cancer illnesses, require an interdisciplinary approach. Modern developments have in recent years led to an immense growth in knowledge in the field of oncology.

Part of our assistance in the execution of these courses comes from the existing structures of the "Sozietät Czerny: Multidisciplinary Oncology – Between Patient and Laboratory". Many of our teachers have years of experience from working with the Sozietät Czerny or other elective subjects such as "Commuication and Professional Behavior".

What can we offer you?

  • An exciting and varied core-curriculum consisting of 15 lesson units (each corresponding to about 2 SWS or 30 UEs). This is a compulsory class which is offered each semester.
  • Elective classes from all fields of oncology. You can choose a further 4 SWS worth of classes from our varied choices.