Prof. Winkler

Prof. Dr. Dr. Eva Winkler

Managing Director NCT Heidelberg
Head: Section Translational Medical Ethics; Program Ethics and Patient Orientation in Oncology (NCT-EPOC), Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD)

Phone: +49 6221 56-36049

Eva Winkler is an oncologist and Heisenberg Professor for Translational Medical Ethics at the University of Heidelberg. She heads the priority program Ethics and Patient Orientation in Oncology at the NCT/Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD). The program covers the entire range of ethical questions relating to the translation of research results into healthcare. Professor Winkler is a specialist in haematology/oncology and works as a senior physician in the Department of Medical Oncology at the UKHD.

She received her doctorate in cancer research from the University of Heidelberg and in medical and health ethics from the University of Basel (Switzerland). She also received her medical-ethical training as part of two fellowships in the Department of Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School and as a faculty fellow at the Center for Ethics and the Professions at Harvard University/Kennedy School of Government. The main research areas of her section are: research ethics, clinical ethics and ethical issues in health policy. Eva Winkler is also a scientific director and spokesperson for EURAT (interdisciplinary platform for Ethical and Legal Issues of Genome Sequencing).

Professional background – medical ethicist

Since 2020
Member and board of directors of ZEKO (Central Ethics Committee of the BÄK)

Fellow at the Marsilius Kolleg and project spokesperson for the EURAT group

Since 2019
Heisenberg Professorship for Translational Medical Ethics

Working group on Ethics and Patient Orientation at NCT Heidelberg

Doctoral studies in medicine and health ethics, University of Basel

Project management ethics at the Medical Clinic III of the LMU Munich

Fellowship: Department of Medical Ethics, Harvard Medical School
Fellowship: Center for Ethics and the Professions, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital (sponsored by Harvard)

Foundation for political and Christian youth education e.V., assistant to the board

Professional background – specialist in hematology and oncology

Specialist in hematology/oncology and additional qualification in palliative medicine

Since 2012
Senior Physician and Head of Clinical Cancer Program Neuroendocrine Tumors

Specialist in internal medicine

Specialist training, Medical Clinic III (hematology/oncology), Klinikum Großhadern, LMU Munich

Since 2019
Heisenberg Professor for Translational Medical Ethics, University Heidelberg

Until 2019
Associate Professor (“Außerplanmäßige Professur”), Medical Faculty Heidelberg

"Umhabilitation", University of Heidelberg

Assistant Professor (“Habilitation”), internal medicine/medical ethics; LMU Munich

Doctor of Philosophy (“Promotion”), Dr. phil. (medical and health ethics), University of Basel (s.c.l)

Doctor of Medicine (“Promotion”), University of Heidelberg/DKFZ (c.l.)

Lohfert Prize for Patient Safety and Patient Communication

Faculty award from the University of Basel for the best doctoral thesis

Promotion of young journalists, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation

Since 2018
National steering committee Medical Informatics Initiative, AG Consent

Since 2016
Board of Directors of the Academy for Ethics in Medicine (AEM) and Editor-in-Chief "Ethics idM"

Since 2009
Working Group on Medicine and Ethics, DGHO


Prof. Dr. Dr. Eva Winkler