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Student Education at NCT

Dear students,

Welcome to the Medical Oncology department (Medical Clinic VI) at the NCT. The NCT Heidelberg is a collaborative organization of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Aid.

Within the Heidelberg Curriculum Medicinale (HeiCuMed), we participate in the training of medical students in Block I (internal medicine) as well as in the Sozietät Czerny and in compulsory tracks such as the track "Interdisciplinary Oncology".

In our outpatient and in-patient areas of patient care we offer students the opportunity to complete both their clinical traineeship ("Famulatur") as well as their practical year ("Praktisches Jahr").

Team Student Education at NCT

Dr. med. Stefanie Zschäbitz (coordinator "teaching" at NCT)
Patricia Zimmermann (administration)
PD Dr. med. Niels Halama (elective track “interdisciplinary oncology”)
Martin Singh (HeiCuMed block I - oncology)
Dr. med. Rebecca Kreuter (clinical traineeship, practical year)