NCT Heidelberg

Our 10 Principles

1. Taking our mission seriously

We are experts for interdisciplinary patient care and excellent cancer research. It is our aim to understand cancer better, detect it earlier, provide targeted treatment, and effectively prevent it. We feed state-of-the-art scientific evidence specifically into diagnostics, therapy and prevention of cancer and we are pursuing our mission with determination and resolve.

2. Onwards and upwards

The NCT views its leadership position as a starting point and not a destination. We set ourselves ambitious goals only to exceed our own expectations time and again. We want to be the best in our field and to set standards. And this success is built on the professionalism of our employees as well as our productive, interdisciplinary working methods.

3. Scientific and clinical excellence as a basis

The basis for our thought processes and actions is the status quo of evidence-based medicine and research. We do not make compromises with regard to structure, content, rigor and validity of our approach. We utilize all scientific and clinical disciplines and all the necessary or useful medical knowledge to conduct innovate cancer research and to provide optimal patient care.

4. Strong together

We combine excellence in research with interdisciplinary patient care under one roof. We are supported by our founders, The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the Heidelberg University Hospital  and German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe). Collaborations with local, national and international partners complement and strengthen our continuing engagement.

5. Focusing on patients

“Focus on the patient” is our motto.  We act as a central portal for all cancer patients of the Heidelberg University Hospital and we coordinate over 300 oncological studies at DKFZ and the Heidelberg University Hospital. We base our work on results and on potential benefits for our patients. We work out a solution for and together with our patients and implement it as fast as possible.

We offer a multidisciplinary structure for clinical oncology, which includes all tumor entities. Patient care comprises interdisciplinary tumor boards with the participation of medical oncologists, oncological surgeons, hematologists, radiotherapists, and specialists from the various specialized hospitals.

6. Finding comprehensive solutions

Our objective is to act holistically and in an integrative way, and to align our focus and the specialization of our employees accordingly. We apply our expertise in all clinical and scientific areas. We are aware that all these areas differ, and we take those differences as well as the similarities seriously.

7. Staying flexible

Our working model is shaped entirely by the logic and content of our task, by the benefits for our patients as well as uncompromising quality orientation and maximum professionalism. Although we do not make concessions with regard to concept or content, we are flexible in the implementation of our concepts and make adjustments to accommodate patient requirements rather than rigid structures. This facilitates a close collaboration of scientific and clinical staff from all areas and favors the development and implementation of joint initiatives in the field of translational cancer research and patient care.

8. Flat hierarchies

In order for the interdisciplinary concept to function, we need clearly defined competences and responsibilities as well as comprehensive communication. In order to build up an understanding for leadership and management questions for the entire organization, as many different people as possible in various capacities should be able to contribute to the overall success. Management should be broad-based, and redundant.

9. Our work is doing us good

Work should to be a challenge which you enjoy. We are convinced that the right corporate culture and a good business concept are the best basis for innovative and creative ideas and personal fulfillment. Positive team results as well as outstanding individual achievements make up the overall success of the NCT.

We want to be an organization whose mission, reputation and results make its collaborators proud. This makes us attractive for our excellent staff and collaborators. We safeguard our high level of performance, expertise and quality through comprehensive and obligatory training and development concept as well as a modern working environment.

10. Clearly international

Internationality means having a comprehensive and global understanding of current trends and demands in our field. Our patient care is organized on a national level. Our scientists and physicians develop internationally competitive translational research programs. Helped by the close ties with the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the NCT has access to all research and individual research groups. Collaborations with local, national and international partners are consistently expanded and strengthened.