Core and Elective Curriculum

Core Curriculum Course Program

The core curriculum includes the compulsory program of elective subjects and must be completed in one semester. The courses are held on Thursday afternoons.

Choice Curriculum and Czerny Sozietät Course Program

With the elective curriculum, which you take for at least two semesters, you can gain credit for a maximum of 2 weekly course hours per semester. Of course, if you are interested, you may attend more courses, which will then be listed in your transcript of records. Many courses can be accredited to the MEDISS program.
Sozietät Czerny members are requested to register by email (wft-io@med.uni-heidelberg.de) for the courses, which are usually held on Tuesday afternoons.

Course certificates

Our exam format calls for the elaboration, design, and presention of a scientific poster on a topic in the field of oncology. At the request of our students, the exams are held at the beginning of the semester.

Students during a poster presentation