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Everything you need to know about your personal equipment

To get you ready for our big running weekend, we will put together an exciting package of offers again. Look forward to your customizable, printable start number, musical motivation taking the form of a selected playlist, and much more. Come back regularly to explore our toolbox!

Reason to run!

Inspired by our round course, it is not about top athletic performance, but about getting involved with others and cancer research at the NCT Heidelberg.

This engagement now spans the globe: from the Lofoten Islands to Antarctica, from San Francisco to New Zealand, we have already had runners at the start.

And this year? Take a look at the world map to see where the running will take place from July 5 to 7, 2024! Click to open the map in Google Maps in a new browser window.

>> View map

Have we aroused your interest? Then sign up now for the 2024 NCT Virtual Run and be part of something big. Together we will set the world in motion!



NCT-Run: the Toolbox

Alone. Together! Use the NCT running equipment for download and get into the right running mood. With the personal start number the selfie of the running unit becomes a real finisher picture.

Personalizable start number

No official start number will be issued at registration this year. With our individually personalisable start number for download you can identify yourself as a participant during the virtual NCT run and make your mark: Alone. Together!

Every motivation to run with us is a story and therefore as individual as we all are. Show others your reason if you like and use the second start number motif - to motivate, to remember and to hold on to.

Simply download the PDF file, add your individual start number, name and team name and print it.

Download start number | Download start number with reason to fill in

The official poster - NCT-RUNning against cancer: Alone. Together!

Are you participating? Show your commitment and hang the official poster for the virtual NCT run on your front door, garden fence or notice board.

Download Poster Deutsch mit QR Code | Download Poster Deutsch | Download Poster Englisch | Download Poster Laufschuh Deutsch | Download Poster Laufschuh Englisch | Download Poster mit Sponsoren Deutsch | Download Poster mit Sponsoren Englisch

NCT-run playlist

The right music for a run is different for everyone - we know that for sure. Nevertheless we have the ultimate NCT run playlist. Because it can be motivating to share something with others. Completely in the sense of: Alone. Together!

Open playlist at Spotify and follow


Print Template NCT-Running Shirt

Due to logistical reasons we are unfortunately unable to offer running shirts this year. So that you can still be on the road with the right outfit, we have provided our print templates. Simply download them and order them from the textile printer of your choice.


Motiv 1 | Motiv 2 | Motiv 3 | Motiv 4 | Motiv 5 | Motiv 6 | Motiv 7 | Motiv 8 | Motiv 9 | Motiv 10 | Motiv 11


Motiv 1 | Motiv 2 | Motiv 3 | Motiv 4 | Motiv 5 | Motiv 6 | Motiv 7 | Motiv 8 | Motiv 9 | Motiv 10 | Motiv 11

Alone. Together! Just join our NCT running club

Joining the NCT Running Club* is not a prerequisite to be able to participate in the virtual NCT run. But still a nice opportunity to run together despite social distancing.

*To join the running club, a free registration with STRAVA is necessary.

Find and join the running club at STRAVA