Prof. Dr. Dr. Amir Abdollahi

Managing Director, NCT Heidelberg
Translational Radiation Oncology, UKHD

Phone: +49 6221/565100

Professor Amir Abdollahi has been director of the NCT Heidelberg since June 2023. He has established and coordinated the translational radiation oncology program of the Heidelberg Campus as well as on national level e.g., over the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK). His mission is to develop next-generation precision oncology by integrating particle therapy innovations at Heidelberg Ion-beam Therapy center (HIT) of the University Hospital Heidelberg (UKHD) with advanced engineering of tumor targeting molecular systems. His team orchestrates a multidisciplinary effort across NCTs' precision diagnostic, local- and systemic immune oncology focus areas to rationally design novel treatment strategies aiming to reprogram the tumor immune microenvironment with the ultimate goal to develop personalized and curative cancer treatments.