NCT Cancer Registry

The NCT Cancer Registry—data management for the benefit of our patients

As an interdisciplinary cancer center of excellence, NCT offers high-quality treatment for patients with all kinds of tumor diseases. The task of the clinical cancer registry (NCT Cancer Registry) is to document all diagnoses, treatment data, side effects, and successes in such a way that this data becomes available for further research and treatment within NCT for the benefit of future patients.

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Moreover, NCT also engages in basic scientific research and translates new findings consistently into the clinical setting. These scientific activities also make use of treatment data provided by the NCT Cancer Registry.

During this process, we set high standards in terms of data security. The data is made available exclusively to the attending physicians or in a completely anonymized form to the scientists of the NCT member institutions. This means that the data never leaves the NCT area; no personal information is provided and the data is only accessible for a small group of people inside NCT.

The only exception is the legal obligation to report the number of tumor diseases to the Baden-Württemberg Cancer Registry; however, we can only comply with this task after having ensured that your attending physician has informed you about it and that you have not objected to the reporting. For further information, please refer to the website of the Cancer Registry of Baden-Württemberg (only available in German).