NCT Cancer Registry

NCT Cancer Registry - Why Counting Is Important

The demographic change in our society, i.e. the diverse changes and trends in population development, is also reflected in the annually new cancer patients who are admitted to the NCT. The diversity of the immense amounts of data resulting from the latest findings, in combination with the rapid further development of medical research, enables tailor-made, almost personalized care.

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The clinical cancer registry at the NCT Heidelberg (NCT Cancer Registry) plays a decisive role. It records all data about oncological patients of the NCT Heidelberg (and thus of the entire Heidelberg University Hospital). This includes all patient information such as diagnosis, individual treatments and aftercare, as well as side effects. This data can be used, for example, to investigate how different treatments affect patients' quality of life.

The clinical data from the NCT cancer registry is used to regularly check whether the NCT Heidelberg continues to meet all the criteria of an Oncology Center of Excellence. The data serve as a measure for quality control and helps to improve the treatment of all patients at NCT Heidelberg.

If you have any questions about your disease:

You can contact the Cancer Information Service by e-mail or telephone.

Statutory reporting requirement

The NCT Heidelberg is legally obliged to report all cases of cancer disease to the responsible State Cancer Registry of Baden-Württemberg:
The State Cancer Registry Act (LKrebsRG) in the version of February 23, 2016 and the Cancer Registry Ordinance (KrebsRVO) of March 20, 2009 oblige all physicians, dentists and pathologists in the state to report diagnostic data, therapy and the course of cancer ("reporting obligation").

When passing on personal data, your right to self-determination is taken into account. You therefore have the option at any time to object to the storage and further processing of your personal data by the Baden-Württemberg Cancer Registry. Only your cancer medical data will be saved for evaluation and research. Further information can be found on the website of the Baden-Württemberg Cancer Registry.

We are therefore only allowed to make this report if your attending physician has informed you during the medical consultation. If you have any further questions, please contact your attending physician at the NCT Heidelberg directly.

In addition, the NCT conducts basic research and consistently brings new scientific findings into everyday clinical practice. The treatment data for this scientific research is provided by the NCT Cancer Registry. We attach great importance to the security of this data. They are made available exclusively to the treating physicians or, in a completely anonymous form, to the scientists of the institutions involved in the NCT. As a result, the data never leaves the NCT's domain, does not contain any personal data and is only accessible to a small group of people within the NCT.