Cancer Information Service (KID)


Targeted use of knowledge—a service for medical professionals

The Cancer Information Service (KID) of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), one of NCT Heidelberg supporting insitutions, provides professionals with independent, up-to-date and quality-assured information covering the entire oncologic spectrum.


Individual enquiries by professionals are answered by physicians of the Cancer Information Service

  • by telephone on 0800 – 430 40 50, workdays from 8:00 to 20:00
  • by e-mail to  kid.med@dkfz.de

You can find us on the Internet at  www.krebsinformationsdienst.de

As your information partner
, the Cancer Information Service provides an assortment of brochures and short information sheets for you to distribute to patients and their families (only available in German).

Answers to individual oncologic questions
We provide quick access to current scientifically substantiated information especially tailored to individual questions arising from your daily practice: from A to Z, from acoustic neuroma to cervical carcinoma, from prevention to palliation, from experimental therapy approaches to guideline-based treatment. All information has been researched on the basis of the best available evidence and is supported by references.

Addresses and contact persons for psychosocial care
Whether you are looking for a counseling center to provide your cancer patients with further psychosocial care, a psycho-oncologist on an outpatient basis or a self-help organization, we can give you the appropriate regional addresses.

Information on complementary and alternative methods
We gather information on the value of complementary and alternative diagnosis and treatment methods for you. The Cancer Information Center's knowledge database contains information on more than 150 alternative methods and is continuously updated and expanded. Individual research on demand for additional methods is possible.

Free handouts
An assortment of brochures and around 40 short information sheets addressing frequent patient questions may be found here. The information sheets can be printed out and distributed to patients and their families. You can order free brochures and printed copies of our information sheets using the order form, by e-mail to sekretariat-kid@dkfz.de or by telephone on +49 6221 42-2890.

Quality-assured Internet service
Our website provides a broad overview: current knowledge about cancer and a guide to psychosocial services and other points of contact in the healthcare system. Via indication of sources, links to additional quality-assured Internet services, and references to specialist literature, health professionals can start their own targeted research on cancer-related topics.

The latest news from the field of oncology

You can find reports on new developments in the field of oncology and on psychosocial topics related to cancer on our website for health professionals, in our newsletter for health professionals (subscription at www.krebsinformationsdienst.de/fachkreise/newsletter.php), and on the social network Facebook.

Independent continuing education offers
In addition, the Cancer Information Service offers lectures and workshops upon request for continuing education aimed at health professionals.


"krebsinformationsdienst.med"—independent, up-to-date, quality assured

The Cancer Information Service of the German Cancer Research Center has been a point of contact for all questions concerning cancer since 1986.

Since February 2014, individual inquiries from professionals have been answered via a free dedicated service number and e-mail address: the physicians working for this service compile up-to-date customized information from the entire oncologic spectrum and carry out research for you.

The online presence of the Cancer Information Service provides up-to-date information on numerous aspects of cancer, a guide to points of contact and addresses, and handouts for distribution to patients. A broad range of link tips and references to specialist literature make it possible to initiate targeted Internet research on cancer-related topics. Up-to-date news from the field of oncology complements the range of services.
All information provided by the Cancer Information Service is based on the best available evidence and is quality assured. The basis for the information provided is a proprietary oncologic knowledge and address database, which is continuously updated and expanded by a team of physicians, scientists, and psycho-oncologists.

The Cancer Information Service is financed from public funds. Therefore it is free, neutral, and independent.

Background information on mission, objectives, and financing of the Cancer Information Service.