Tumor Board

A tumor board consists of a group of experts who discuss the condition and finding of the individual patient. Tumor board meetings are an integral part of the NCT concept. They concentrate the professional competence of an oncologic center of excellence: The expertise and experience of physicians meet the knowledge and skills of scientists, resulting in an optimized treatment proposal. The involvement of physicians of different fields of expertise ensures the high quality of the following treatment.

Experienced physicians discuss the progression of the disease, X-ray images, and examination results in order to elaborate an individualized treatment proposal. Oncologists and radiologists consult with surgeons of different fields of expertise on the case.

Each week, the experts at NCT hold tumor board meetings on different oncologic diseases.

Tumor board meeting at NCT

E-mail: tubo.anmeldung@med.uni-heidelberg.de

CUP Syndrome Prof. Dr. Jäger Thu / NCT (K4)
Dermatological tumors Prof. Dr. Enk / Prof. Dr. Hassel Thu / NCT (K4)
Gastrointestinal tumors Prof. Dr. Jäger Thu / NCT (K4)
Gynecologic oncology Prof. Dr. Schneeweiss Mon / NCT (K4)
Gynecologic oncology: postoperative tumor board Prof. Dr. Schneeweiss Tue / Women's Hospital
Head / neck tumors Dr. Dieter Wed / NCT (K4)
Hepatobiliary tumors Prof. Dr. Weiss Thu / Department of Surgery / Auditorium
Interdisciplinary transplant conference PD Dr. Mehrabi /
PD Dr. Michalski
Thu / Department of Surgery
Leukemia Prof. Dr. Krämer Thu / Hospital for Internal Medicine
Lymphoma Dr. Dietrich /
Dr. Meissner
Wed / Hospital for Internal Medicine
Myeloma Prof. Dr. Goldschmidt Fri / Hospital for Internal Medicine
Neuroendocrine tumors Prof. Dr. Jäger /
Prof. Dr. Dr. Winkler
Thu / NCT (K4)
Neuro-oncology Prof. Dr. Wick Thu / NCT (K4)
Panel-MTB Prof. Dr. Fröhling Tue / NCT (K4)
Pediatric oncology tumor board Dr. Stockklausner Wed / Children's Hospital
Pediatric neuro-oncology tumor board Prof. Dr. Witt Wed / Children's Hospital
Pediatric neuro-oncology tumor board: second opinion Prof. Dr. Witt /
Dr. van Tilburg / Prof. Dr. Pfister
Wed / NCT (K4)
Personalized oncology Prof. Dr. Fröhling Fri / NCT (K4)
Sarcoma Prof. Dr. Egerer /
PD Dr. Gröschel
Fri / NCT (K4)
SIRT (selective internal radiation therapy) Dr. Kratochwil Tue / Department of Surgery  / Auditorium
Skin tumors Prof. Dr. Enk /
PD Dr. Hassel
Thu / NCT (K4)
Counseling Services Hr. Walther Tue / NCT (K4)
Surgical oncology tumor board Prof. Dr. Jäger Tue / Department of Surgery / Auditorium
Thoracic tumors Prof. Dr. Winter Thu / Thoraxklinik
Urology Dr. Zschäbitz Fri / NCT (K4)