Doctoral dissertation

Elective program in “Interdisciplinary Oncology”

Are you considering pursuing a doctoral project in the field of oncology? Then the Interdisciplinary Oncology elective program is the right place for you. Motivated teachers and researchers are involved in the Interdisciplinary Oncology elective program; this allows you to be able to find both the right working group and to select the right doctoral project.

Medical doctoral dissertation in translational cancer research

The Department of Translational Medical Oncology (NCT Heidelberg/DKFZ, Director: Dr. Stefan Fröhling, MD) has a multidisciplinary team of physicians, biologists and bioinformatics specialists in all fields of translational cancer research.
Our activities include a program on the multidimensional characterization of tumors by means of whole genome and transcriptome sequencing (NCT MASTER), basic scientific projects as well as the planning and carrying out of clinical trials on molecular stratification. For example, one scientific and clinical focus is on sarcoma diseases. This project area also draws on the close cooperation with the Department of Applied Functional Genomics (DKFZ, Head: Dr. Claudia Scholl), the Emmy Noether junior research group for precision sarcoma research (DKFZ, Head: Dr. Priya Chudasama) and the Heidelberg Sarcoma Center.

For a wide range of clinical, translational, and basic research projects, we regularly look for motivated and committed doctoral students who are interested in oncological topics.
Additional information on our work can be found at: preview.nct-heidelberg.de/tmo
If you are interested, please send your application by email to: christina.mohr-dalichow@nct-heidelberg.de