NCT Members

The NCT Members are scientific units, centers, hospitals and departments of the German Cancer research Center (DKFZ), the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Medical Faculty in Heidelberg that distinguish themselves through:

  • A significant focus on cancer research and cancer medicines.
  • Scientific and clinical excellence in oncology.
  • Close interaction and willingness to work in the NCT. This includes joint research activities, applications, publications and patient services.
  • A willingness to use own resources such as personnel or equipment in order to achieve the programmatic objectives of the NCT. 

The NCT Members benefit from the use of:

  • Central NCT resources such as the NCT Trial Center and the NCT Cancer Registry.
  • NCT resources e.g. materials and equipment,
  • NCT interdisciplinary areas/platforms/clinical cancer research programs.


Alphabetical overview of all scientific units, centers, clinics and departments of the DKFZ, the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Medical Faculty, that are involved with activities at the NCT.

Applied Bioinformatics Prof. Dr. Benedikt Brors
Applied Tumor Biology Prof. Dr. Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz
Applied Tumor-Immunity Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger / Dr. Niels Halama / Dr. Inka Zörnig
B Cell Immunology Prof. Dr. Hedda Wardemann
Brain Cancer Metabolism Dr. Christiane Opitz
Cancer Drug Development Dr. Aubry Miller / Dr. Nikolas Gunkel
Cancer Epidemiology Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kaaks
Cancer Genome Research Prof. Dr. Holger Sültmann
Cellular and Molecular Pathology Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Gröne
Cellular Immunology Prof. Dr. Hans-Reimer Rodewald
Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner
Dermato-Oncology Prof. Dr. Jochen Utikal
Epigenomics and Cancer Risk Factors Prof. Dr. Christoph Plass
Experimental Therapies for Hematologic Malignancies Dr. med. Marc S. Raab
Functional Genome Analysis Dr. Jörg D. Hoheisel
GMP & T Cell Therapy Prof. Dr. Stefan Eichmüller
Immune Monitoring Unit Prof. Dr. Michael Platten/ Dr. Dennis Riehl
Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel
Medical Physics in Radiology Prof. Dr. Mark E. Ladd
Molecular Epidemiology Prof. Dr. Barbara Burwinkel
Molecular Genetic Epidemiology Prof. Dr. Kari Hemminki
Molecular Genetics Prof. Dr. Peter Lichter
Molecular Genome Analysis Prof. Dr. Stefan Wieman
Molecular Hematology/Oncology Prof. Dr. Alwin Krämer
Molecular Mechanisms of Head and Neck Tumors Prof. Dr. Jochen Heß
Molecular Neurobiology Prof. Dr. Ana Martin-Villalba
Molecular Oncology of Gastrointestinal Tumors Prof. Dr. Rienk Offringa
Neuroimmunology and Brain Tumor Immunology Prof. Dr. Michael Platten
Neurooncology Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick
Neuropathology Prof. Dr. Andreas von Deimling
Neuropeptides Dr. Valéry Grinevich
Nuclear Medicine Prof. Dr. Uwe Haberkorn  
Pediatric Neurooncology Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister
Pediatric Oncology Prof. Dr. Olaf Witt
Physical Activity, Prevention and Cancer Prof. Dr. Karen Steindorf
Preventive Oncology Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner
Radiation Oncology Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus
Radiology Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Phys. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Prof. Dr. Klaus Kopka
Signal Transduction in Cancer and Metabolism Dr. Aurelio Teleman
Signaling and Functional Genomics Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros
Stem Cells and Cancer Prof. Dr. Andreas Trumpp
Systems Biology of Signal Transduction Prof. Dr. Ursula Klingmüller
Theoretical Bioinformatics Prof. Dr. Roland Eils
Toxicology and Chemotherapy Prof. Dr. Martin Berger
Translational Medical Oncology Prof. Dr. Stefan Fröhling
Translational Radiation Oncology Dr. Dr. Amir Abdollahi
Tumor Virology Prof. Dr. Jean Rommelaere
Vascular Oncology and Metastasis Prof. Dr. Hellmut Augustin
Virus-associated Carcinogenesis Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager
Center for Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter K. Plinkert
Department of Anesthesiology Prof. Dr. Markus A. Weigand
Department of Cardiology, Angiology and Pneumology Prof. Dr. Hugo A Katus
Department of Dermatology Prof. Dr. Alexander Enk
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kauczor
Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Prof. Dr. Julia Szendrödi
Department of Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Intoxication Prof. (apl.) Dr. med. Uta Merle
Department of General Gynecology and Obstetrics Prof. Dr. Christof Sohn
Department of General Internal and Psychosomatic Medicine Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herzog
Department of General Pathology and Pathologic Anatomy Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Department of General Pediatrics, Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Nephrology Prof. Dr. med., Prof. h.c. (RCH) Georg Friedrich Hoffmann
Department of General Psychiatry Prof. Dr. Sabine Herpertz
Department of General, Visceral and Transplantation Surgery Prof. Dr. Markus W. Büchler
Department of Gynecological Endocrinology and Fertility Disorders Prof. Dr. Thomas Strowitzki
Department of Hematology, Oncology and Rheumatology Prof. Dr. Carsten Müller-Tidow
Department of Infectious Diseases: Virology Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kräusslich
Department of Medical Biometry Prof. Dr. Meinhard Kieser
Department of Medical Oncology Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger
Department of Neurology and Polyclinic Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick
Department of Neuroradiology Prof. Dr. Martin Bendszus
Department of Neurosurgery Prof. Dr. Andreas Unterberg
Department of Nuclear Medicine Prof. Dr. Uwe Haberkorn
Department of Ophthalmology Prof. D. Gerd. U. Auffarth, FEBO
Department of Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Diseases Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann
Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Prof. Dr. Volker Ewerbeck
Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Congenital Heart Diseases Prof. Dr. Matthias Gorenflo
Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, Immunology and Pulmonology Prof. Dr. Andreas Kulozik, PhD
Department of Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus
Department of Urology Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner
Division of Gynecological Oncology Prof. Dr. Andreas Schneeweiss
Institute of Human Genetics Prof. Dr. Christian Schaaf
Institute of Immunology and Serology Prof. Dr. Stefan Meuer
Skin Tumor Center PD Dr. Jessica Hassel
Thoraxklinik-Heidelberg: Oncology of Thoracic Tumors Prof. Dr. Michael Thomas
Thoraxklinik-Heidelberg: Thoracic Surgery Prof. Dr. Hauke Winter