NCT Heidelberg


Within the scope of our preclinical research and in close cooperation with the Division of Applied Functional Genomics, we pursue the goal of developing new diagnostic procedures and more targeted treatment approaches by investigating the molecular and functional properties of different cancers.

Current areas of activity include

  1. The continuous development and refinement of strategies for the multidimensional characterization of individual tumors within the framework of the NCT/DKTK MASTER Program, which includes creating strategies for the systematic functional annotation of newly discovered genetic changes;
  2. The detection of essential signaling pathways in bone and soft-tissue sarcomas through integrative genome and transcriptome analyses as well as functional genomic screens;
  3. The search for new therapeutic targets in acute myeloid leukemia with special consideration of subtypes with therapeutically intractable genetic changes such as MLL rearrangements, inactivating mutations of GATA2, or aberrant CDX2 expression;
  4. The detailed analysis of signaling pathways that are activated by oncogenic KRAS mutations.