Clinical Translation

A strategic goal of NCT Heidelberg and NCT Dresden is to develop novel concepts for the systematic translation of molecular information into clinical action. The NCT Precision Medicine in Oncology (PMO) Program provides a direct path from latest-generation molecular diagnostics within NCT/DKFZ/DKTK MASTER to prospective clinical trials that assess the efficacy of biology-guided cancer therapies and give patients access to targeted drugs that are otherwise not available.

NCT/DKFZ/DKTK MASTER is also linked to the interdisciplinary EURAT (Ethical and Legal Aspects of Whole Genome Sequencing) initiative, which addresses normative questions and aims to develop an ethically and legally informed practice for genomic research in Heidelberg. To this end, EURAT has published guidelines on practical aspects of genome sequencing in a medical context, including the release of molecular data to patients.