Markus Hoffmann

Markus Hoffmann


Head of Nursing, Relief Pool and Palliative Care

E-mail: MarkusRainer.Hoffmann@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Patient Care

Patient care at NCT

The nursing/patient services at NCT include diverse occupational groups, such as nurses in general and nurses specialized in oncology; medical assistants; medical and general secretaries; and service and supply assistants. All group members work according to their expertise in the different NCT outpatient clinics and day care units. They all share a common objective: To ensure a smooth treatment procedure for all patients at NCT.

In the NCT building, patients from all oncologic departments of the Heidelberg University Hospital are threated on an outpatient and day care basis.

The main focus of the patient care in the day care units is the coordination of clinical trials and therapy schemes, from port puncture and infusion management to specialized aftercare and individualized counseling on care. This also includes naturopathic treatment methods.

Due to the intensive contact to the patients during their therapies, the nursing services function as a central point of contact at the interface between physicians, nurses, and counseling services at NCT.

Staff: day care units

Irene Andraschko
Supply assistant

Ulrike Anton
Oncological nurse
Practical instructor

Migena Bacellari
Oncological nurse

Andrea Bachmann
Oncological nurse

Valentina Borowski

Susann Eismann
Oncological nurse
Port expert
Naturopathic patient care
Practical instructor

Gabriele Füchte-Mazarekic

Kerstin Heinrichs
Oncological nurse

Monika Hofer

Eva Klein
Palliative care

Inci Konwitza
Health Care Assistant

Marion Krüger
Intensive care nurse

Michaela Majer
Nurse manager

Claudia Meffert
Intensive care nurse

Hartmut Meinen
Practical instructor

Olga Meszar

Bianca Reinhardt
Oncological nurse
Breast care nurse

Martha Reuter
Intensive care nurse
Pain nurse

Marita Schäfer
Port expert
Palliative care

Enikö Schlegl
Oncologic nurse

Margret Schütz

Arina Schumann

Carmen Schwarz
Oncologic nurse
Wound expert

Garidmagnai Tuul

Sandra Urban

Gülhan Wacholder
Oncological nurse

Lisa Westphal
Oncological nurse

Eva Wilhelm

The Central Office for Patient Management is responsible for the organization of further diagnostics and treatment times in the day care units.

Staff: Central Office for Patient Management (ZPM) in the NCT day care units

Head of ZPM: Heike Wachow
Deputy Head of ZPM: Cedric Sauer

Day care unit 1:


  • Dagmar Brethauer
  • Birgitta Baader
  • Bianca Grave
  • Heike Schmidt

Day care unit 2/outpatient clinic D:


  • Dagmar Gießen
  • Sabrina Subasic
  • Regine Thurner
  • Giesela Peterka
  • Dagmar Thönnißen
  • Petra Nelhübel
  • Kerstin Heinrichs

Document management:

  • Carina Lackner
  • Claudia Schäfer

Many cancer patients experience pain. Possible reasons are tumors itself or the results of therapy. Stressful situations additionally increase pain. You may reach out to our pain nurses personally or ask the nursing/patient services at NCT to get in touch with us. The pain counseling is located at day care unit 1 and 2 at NCT.

Who are we?

Healthcare nurses with additional training in algesiology assistance qualified according to the guidelines of the German Pain Society (Deutschen Schmerzgesellschaft e.V.), Pain Nurse (Pain experts in nursing).

Martha Reuter

Martha Reuter
Nurse for anesthesia and intensive care, pain nurse

Silke Schmidt-Heydt

Silke Schmidt-Heydt
Nurse for intermediate care, pain nurse

Sabine Srock

Sabine Srock
Nurse for Palliative Care, Pain Nurse


What we do?

Pain anamnesis (How does the pain feel?:

  • Taking record of location of pain, strength of pain, length of pain, quality of pain

Guidance and information in close cooperation with the physicians in charge of the day unit concerning:

  • The intake of pain relievers in accordance with your current medication
  • Handling of your pain relievers
  • Non-medicinal measures to relieve pain
  • Handling of pain with peripheral polyneuropathy, mucositis and others

Additional treatment options:

  • Application of natural medicine

Training of:

  • Intake and handling of pain relievers
  • Pain diary, pain recording
  • Application of natural medicine (heat, cold, compresses and pads, inunction)

Providing contact with:

  • Nursing experts
  • Counseling
  • Pain ambulance

Specialized outpatient palliative care

Our team consists of physicians and care staff with a special qualification in palliative care and has extensive experience in caring for severely ill patients. We assist in cases with complex, debilitating symptoms such as pain, breathing difficulties, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and other issues which can severely impact your quality of life. We can provide care in your surroundings at home as well as in-patient care facilities. We provide care in the city of Heidelberg and the surrounding Rhein-Neckar area.


Coordination of the Palliative-Care-Team SAPHIR
Phone: +49 6221 56-35610
Fax: +49 6221 56-7203
E-mail: NCT.SAPHIR@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 15:00
Friday: 9:00 – 13:00

Cancer patients often have many questions about their therapy, possibly occurring side effects and coping strategies.

To meet this high information demand, oncology specialists from the two day care units at NCT offer their patients training courses. They are all nurses with additional qualifications in the field of oncology, palliative medicine, naturopathic care, wound and stoma care as well as many years of professional experience. The training is aimed at those with an oncological disease before, during or after a chemo- and / or radiotherapy.

Contact and registration: nct.patientenschulung@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Venue: National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg (NCT), Im Neuenheimer Feld 460, 69120 Heidelberg. The room is signposted.

To broaden specialist knowledge for oncology staff at NCT Heidelberg, the Heidelberg University Hospital and their cooperative institutions, the specialist training circle „Oncology“ at the NCT Heidelberg has developed training events. The aim of the oncological patient care training (OPIN) is to maintain and expand the oncological expertise at NCT Heidelberg and in the region and to advance oncological networking with regional partners.

All dates are listed in the NCT event calendar: www.nct-heidelberg.de/events