Takte gegen Krebs: The concert idea

Others sell tickets. We make you a part of the composition!

Every musical bar has its dedicated position within the composition. Each bar that you sponsor at the charity concert "Takte gegen Krebs" will be played in the right moment. With your bars, you create the melody. The bars that do not find a sponsor will stay silent. Without you and your bars, the concert will come to a sudden end – you are thus an integral part of the composition. Buy a piece of the piece. You may also sponsor more bars than you require seats, and in this way support the cancer research at the NCT Heidelberg in a more meaningful way.

Your musical bar is an integral part of the concert

Each musical bar at the NCT charity concert is an audible symbol for life. A cancer diagnosis hits patients as unexpectedly as the sudden silence in the concert hall when some of the bars were not sponsored. Suddenly the melody of life changes – and nothing is like it used to be.

With our charity concert, we therefore want to take a stand in the fight against cancer. Every guest and every musician makes an important contribution towards the success of the concert evening. The proceeds from the event benefit innovative research projects at the NCT Heidelberg.