Charity regatta "Rowing against Cancer"

The charity regatta "Rowing against Cancer" in Heidelberg is organised by the Stiftung Leben mit Krebs (Life with Cancer Foundation), the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg, and the Rudergesellschaft Heidelberg 1898 e.V. (RGH) (Rowing Club Heidelberg 1898 e.V. (RGH)). Patients, medical staff, professional athletes and rowing amateurs give their all for the good cause. All proceeds from the regatta benefit the "Exercise and Cancer" patient program at the NCT Heidelberg.

"Rowing against Cancer" is an initiative of the Life with Cancer Foundation. Since 2005, the regatta is organised in a number of locations throughout Germany in cooperation with local rowing clubs and oncological treatment facilities. In 2018, regattas took place in ten locations. "Rowing against Cancer" is thus the biggest amateur sports event of its kind in Germany. On September 7, 2019, the Heidelberg regatta celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Video: Anniversary regatta "Rowing against Cancer" 2019