Counseling Services

NCT Heidelberg works closely with numerous oncologists in private practice in order to jointly ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment. We greatly appreciate such cooperations, as it contributes significantly to the high quality of our institution.

We are happy to assist physicians in private practice or in hospitals with any inquiries: Numerous counseling services that can answer questions concerning your patients' daily life are available.


The social services, for instance, can assist in social welfare issues, and the psycho-oncology service can help with psychological matters related to oncologic disease. Similarly, there are counseling services that deal with nutrition and physical activity.

As a physician, please use the contact details and the forms, which you can find under patient presentation.

Comprehensive other useful information can also be obtained from the Cancer Information Service (KID) of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and its service for professionals: "krebsinformationsdienst.med".