NCT Heidelberg

Skin Tumor Center

The Heidelberg University Hospital Department of Dermatology was awarded the official seal as a certified skin cancer center in 2009, and was thereby the first dermatology clinic in Germany to receive this quality distinction. The Heidelberg Skin Tumor Center has been a recognized center for dermatologic oncology for many years.

Due to its outstanding expertise, patients not only from all over Germany but also from other countries come to the Skin Tumor Center in search of help for malignant tumors of the skin and mucous membrane, as well as for dermatologic side-effects. There are also specialized consultations for immunosuppressed patients.

Certificate of Certification Skin Cancer Center

Therefore, each year more than 2000 patients receive optimal guideline-based care—ranging from prevention, to treatment of primary tumors or advanced stages of disease, and extending  to tumor aftercare. In addition, the close ties to the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) are of particular importance in ensuring access to diagnostic and therapeutic options in line with the latest scientific findings. In the context of studies, Skin Tumor Center patients may even receive access to an innovative treatment before its potential approval.