Work Package 7: Ethics and Stakeholders

Principal Investigators: Christoph Schickhardt, Eva Winkler
Research Associate: Julie Schweer

The interdisciplinary HiGHmed Consortium is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the “Medical Informatics” funding scheme. This funding scheme was designed to fund initiatives that will foster the digitalization in the field of medicine.
HiGHmed aims to develop and use innovative information infrastructures to increase the efficiency of clinical research and to swiftly translate research results into validated improvements of patient care. These aims are tightly connected with challenges to integrate and further develop solutions of innovative, internationally interoperable data integration and methods, with the aim to demonstrate their added value for health research and patient care. The concepts must be designed in a way that will help to develop sustainable structures and with the perspective for an easy roll-out to other hospitals.

Work in the HiGHmed consortium is organized in eleven targeted work packages. We are part of work package 7 “Ethics and Stakeholders”. Our contribution to this work package focuses on the following challenges:

  • Contribution to development of patients´ information and consent documents
  • Systematic account of the incidence and nature of incidental/secondary findings
  • Development of an ethical framework and recommendations for the return of results and secondary findings
  • Ethics and Policy of Data Access, Usage and Sharing
  • Analysis of transfer of knowledge (Evidence) from translational research contexts and evaluation of the evidence levels for Personalized Medicine


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Cooperation Partners