NCT offers a wide and interconnecting range of treatment methods. We not only aim to offer our patients the best possible treatment, but also to consider their personal needs. Every patient receives a personalized treatment plan.
If a tumor-specific therapy should be necessary (indicated), we try to find a medical practice or clinic close to the patient's home environment.

Physician talking to patient

Alternatively, medication therapy can also be performed in one of the two day care units at NCT. We offer 60 specially designed infusion chairs in our day care units and twelve inpatient beds in the Department of Internal Medicine (Krehl Clinic).

In order to increase our patient's quality of life, we try to avoid long inpatient stays. We put special emphasis on holistic treatment methods, which is why we offer, among other services, consultation and care through our multidisciplinary counseling services, for example, social services, psycho-oncology service, "physical activity and cancer", and nutrition therapy.

If possible, we also offer participation in clinical trials at NCT. Please consult the attending physician. He has an overview of currently running trials related to the illness.

With interdisciplinary tumor board meetings and a wide range of consultation sessions, we ensure that our patients receive treatment of the highest standards.