Smoker's Consultation

Qualified smoking cessation training at the Thoraxklinik-Heidelberg

Smoking is the major single risk factor for numerous fatal diseases. Smoking damages nearly every organ in the body. It is considered one of the most important risk factors for various types of cancer, heart and circulatory diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, smoking damages the eyes, the periodontal apparatus, the digestive system, and the genitals, and reduces fertility. Last but not least, it adversely affects pregnancy and damages both the fetus and the newborn baby. Quit smoking—many smokers would like to!

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Those who stop smoking—at whatever age—soon begin to feel physical improvements, prevent illnesses that are caused by smoking and significantly contribute towards successful treatment of tobacco-associated disease. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to stop smoking over the long term. The real challenge is to remain a non-smoker permanently after successfully quitting.


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Using it will help you stop smoking!

Our team of experienced physicians, pedagogues, and addiction counselors is happy to work with you to help you achieve a smoke-free life and offer you:

  • Individual counseling sessions, based on your own personal situation and smoking habits
  • Smoking cessation courses as short-term or long-term intervention, depending on your individual needs
  • Post-quitting aftercare by telephone
  • Assistance in obtaining acupuncture and hypnosis therapy
  • Counseling on exercise and nutrition

We look forward to helping you on your way into a smoke-free life!

Smoker's consultation hours team

f. l. t. r.: PD Dr. med. Michael Kreuter, Dr. med. dent. Claudia Bauer, Michael Ehmann, Maria Abramidou

Your team of the smoker's consultation at the Thoraxklinik-Heidelberg