Services for network members

The interaction between the network members plays a vital role in the OnokoAktiv network. The experience brought along by each of the cooperating institutions promotes an intensive exchange. Further training programs addressing special topics and problems, as well as specific professional lectures, provide an opportunity for catching up on the latest scientific insights and for discussing practice-related issues. Selected information media are to help in providing information on sports therapeutic issues in oncology.

Range of services for training and therapy institutions

  • Quality tested certification
  • Use of a variety of materials for public relations
  • Visibility and transparency on the OnkoAktiv map
  • Quality circles for exchange and further training twice a year
  • Placement of patients

In addition, the OnkoAktiv network offers continuing education courses on the topic of "physical activity, exercise and cancer" for interested persons that do not belong to the network. You can find all events here.


Training and therapy institutions of various types can be certified by OnkoAktiv as providers of individual therapeutic exercise programs. These include physiotherapies, health-oriented fitness studios and sports clubs. Individual oncological exercise programs that cannot be certified also have the opportunity to be listed transparently on our OnkoAktiv card.

Everything you need to know about membership and certification in the OnkoAktiv network can be found here.

Contact for certification inquiries

Maximilian Köppel
Research Group "Exercise Oncology"
National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg

E-mail: onkoaktiv@nct-heidelberg.de

PD Dr. Joachim Wiskemann

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wiskemann
Project Leader "OnkoAktiv"
National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg
Research Group "Exercise Oncology"

E-mail: joachim.wiskemann@nct-heidelberg.de