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Cooperation Center Services

The interaction between the network members plays a vital role in active networking. The experience brought along by each of the OnkoAktiv centers promotes an intensive exchange. Further training programs addressing special topics and problems, as well as specific professional lectures, provide an opportunity for catching up on the latest scientific insights and for discussing practice-related issues. Selected information media are to help in providing information on sports therapeutic issues in oncology. A further step would consist of creating a platform for interactive communication between patients, the medical field and caregivers. OnkoAktiv is working towards the centralized referral of patients by oncologic treatment and rehabilitation facilities to the network, addressing specific issues on the topic "sports and exercise with cancer".

Range of services

  • Biannual network meetings for the exchange of information and for continuing education
  • Putting patients in touch with treatment facilities
  • Awarding a seal of quality/logo OnkoAktiv (only quality-controlled cooperation centers)

In addition, the OnkoAktiv network offers continuing education courses on the topic of "physical activity, sports and cancer" for interested persons that do not belong to the network. Please contact us for further advice!

Service for satellite centers

OnkoAktiv supports its satellite centers in terms of network experiences and supports them in establishing an own network to refer cancer patient to quality checked training facilities close to their homes. Furthermore, OnkoAktiv promotes the exchange among different players in sports and exercise, health, science, medicine and therapy. The network becomes a multiplier for own projects of cooperating exercise facilities, recruitment for scientific studies, publications and topics regarding special patient groups, e.g. with lymphedema.  The satellite centers can participate in OnkoAktiv meetings and trainings and they are actively involved in the nationwide development of OnkoAktiv.

Who can become a satellite member?

Cooperating training facilities (OnkoAktiv cooperation members) as well as other institutions (non-members) that are connected to e.g. hospitals or rehabilitation centers with a main emphasis on oncology can become satellite members of OnkoAktiv. Requirements for establishing an own network must be fulfilled and sufficient distance to existing satellite members is needed.

For further questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Regional contact persons:

Satellitenzentrum Klinikum Coburg (sattellite center Hospital of Coburg)
Michele Nützel
Phone: +49 9561 22-7324

Satellitenzentrum  Frankfurt / Region Rhein-Main (satellite center Frankfurt/ region Rhine-Main)
Annika Wegener
Phone: +49 69-6301-87341

Beate Biazeck

Beate Biazeck
Coordinator "OnkoAktiv"
National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg
Research Group "Exercise Oncology"

Phone: +49 6221 564693

Dr. Joachim Wiskemann

PD Dr. Joachim Wiskemann
Project Leader "OnkoAktiv"
National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg
Research Group "Exercise Oncology"