Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are where the effectiveness and safety of new medication or new treatment methods for patients are explored and examined.These studies are subject to strict legal regulations. The participation in such studies is voluntary.

Clinical trials

More than 300 clinical trials are currently being carried out at the NCT. Every study is conducted according to an extensive inspection plan, also called a study protocol. The plan includes the duration of the trial, the criteria for the selection of the participants, necessary tests and procedures, which medication is administered in what dosage, as well as what the medical care following the study will look like.

Clinical trials take place in phases. Every phase serves to answer specific questions. Every new type of medication is usually tested in phases I to III before the responsible regulatory agencies deem it safe and effective. The studies also are conducted according to the principles of good clinical practice, as prescribed by the authorities for the safety of patients.

Frequently asked questions

Please consult your attending physician. He has an overview of currently running trials related to your illness and will inform you in detail.