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Medical Oncology
Medical Director:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger

Exercise Oncology

Early observational studies suggest that physical exercise may have an impact on survival and recurrence of the disease. Study data are available for breast, colon and prostrate cancer. In addition, first studies showed that beside patient's quality of life, therapy-and illness-related side-effects were also positively impacted by systematic sports and exercise therapy.

For this reason, our research group "Exercise Oncology" is investigating the preventive and rehabilitative effect of sports and exercise therapy as well as its physiological surrogate parameters such as endurance and muscular strength, in view of the side effects of the tumor therapy and the prognosis. The optimization of oncological treatment as well as the needs of our patients are always at the core, they shape our concepts and efforts. With methodically sophisticated clinical studies, we strive to push forward the development of evidence-based sports and exercise-based therapeutic training programs for cancer patients.

Respective programs will be designed specifically for disease situations, side effects and the individual patients' characteristics. The knowledge gained from the studies will then be translated into specific treatment programs for our patients.

» Counseling service "Physical Activity and Cancer"»

Our research group works in close cooperation with the Division of Physical Activity, Prevention and Cancer, headed by Prof. Karen Steindorf.

  • Clinical studies on the efficacy of physical activity and sports in cancer patients with the emphasis on breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer as well as leukemia/lymphoma (allogenic stem cell transplantation) and pediatric oncology.
  • Development and evaluation of side-effect-oriented treatment pathways involving exercise and physical activity.
  • Studies to assess the prognostic significance of physical performance, i.e. strength, endurance and coordination.
  • Evaluation of mechanisms.
  • Studies on optimizing training management in oncological diseases.
  • Care research with the goal of high-quality and comprehensive exercise movement therapies being offered throughout Germany (» Network OnkoAktiv)

PD Dr. Joachim Wiskemann
Head of the working group "Exercise Oncology"
Department of Medical Oncology
T: +49 6221 56-5904
F: +49 6221 56-7225

Curriculum vitae (Download as PDF, german)

Prof. Dr. Friederike Rosenberger
Co-leader of the working group "Exercise Oncology"
Department of Medical Oncology
T: +49 6221 56-35681
F: +49 6221 56-7225

Curriculum vitae (Download as PDF, german)

Head of the Research Group "Exercise Oncology"

PD Dr. phil. Joachim Wiskemann

"Rudern gegen Krebs" (rowing against cancer)


Video: "Physical Activity and Cancer" at NCT Heidelberg