Clinical Trials

Building on the results of our preclinical research projects and the knowledge gained within the scope of the NCT/DKTK MASTER Program, we work together with the NCT Clinical Trial Center to develop the NCT Precision Medicine in Oncology (PMO) Program, which aims to investigate the efficacy of new therapeutic approaches in multicenter clinical trials.

Current examples of molecularly stratified treatment protocols that stem from our work include

  1. The AMLSG 23-14 study of the German Austrian AML Study Group for patients with acute myeloid leukemia and MLL rearrangement;
  2. The NCT PMO-1601 study for patients with treatment-refractory chordomas and CDKN2A/B deficiency;
  3. The NCT PMO-1603 (TOP-ART) study for patients with advanced solid tumors and defective DNA repair by means of homologous recombination.

Other concepts are in the advanced planning stages.