Foto: Karin Arndt

1.022 Takte und ein Wunschkonzert

This year, violinist Caroline Adomeit and Stanislav Rosenberg on the piano delighted the Takte gegen Krebs audience in Heidelberg's Karlstorbahnhof. More than 1,000 bars had already been played before the break and the excitement for the second part of the concert was huge. The guests were able to get an overview of the available titles for the "Wunschkonzert" in the program booklet, and Caroline Adomeit also played the pieces briefly to help them decide. You can download the program booklet here.

The atmosphere in the evening was extraordinary and the audience gave Caroline Adomeit and Stanislav Rosenberg a standing ovation.

This year's benefit concert raised almost 15,000 euros in donations. We would like to thank all donors who supported the NCT Heidelberg by purchasing tickets.