vom 30.05.2016

NCT Trial Center - Newsletter May 2016

Topics for the NCT Trial Center´s newsletter in May 2016 are

• the clinical trial ATACC with an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP)
• two exercise studies
• personalized concepts for clinical trials based on molecular stratification
• information regarding the Center for Individualized Pediatric Oncology (ZIPO) and Brain tumors
• the move of the NCT Trial Center to the Marsilius-Arkaden and its 10th anniversary celebration
• the current status of the EU clinical trial regulation and its national implementation

Please follow the links for an <link fileadmin/media/news/Meldungen/Studienzentrale/NL_May_2016_English.pdf - download "Datei herunterladen">English»</link> or a <link fileadmin/media/news/Meldungen/Studienzentrale/NL_Mai_2016_deutsch.pdf - download "Datei herunterladen">German»</link> version of the newsletter.