CP Liver/Bile Ducts


The interdisciplinary Liver Cancer Center Heidelberg (LCCH) incorporates all relevant disciplines and provides excellent patient care. The LCCH promotes innovative clinical trials, including heavy ion treatment and the world’s first HCC umbrella trial to use molecular stratification for trial allocation. The Liver Pathology Center assesses more than 4000 cases per year forming the basis of a strong portfolio of funded program project grants, including the SFB/TRR77 ‘Liver Cancer’ as the largest European HCC research consortium.

CP Liver/Bile Ducts


Prof. Dr. Dr. Springfeld

Prof. Dr. Dr. Springfeld
Medical Oncology


Scientific Goals

  • Molecular mechanisms of liver cancer and targeted treatment (SFB/TRR77): (1) HCV persistence (Ruggieri Cell Host Microbe 2012; Bauhofer Gastroenterology 2012), (2) metabolic dysfunction (Eichelbaum Nat Biotechnol 2012), (3) chronic hepatic inflammation (Pusterla Hepatology 2013), (4) key signaling pathways (Singer Mol Cell 2012; Neumann Hepatology 2012; Kang Nature 2011; Tschaharganeh Gastroenterology 2013), (5) high-throughput in vivo screening (Wuestefeld Cell 2013).
  • Molecular diagnostic algorithms in HCC (Schirmacher Gastroenterology 2013).
  • Comprehensive mechanism-based trial program that includes biomarker development.
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