Ingeborg Rötzer

Ingeborg Rötzer


(Dipl. oec. troph)

E-mail: ernaehrungstherapie@nct-heidelberg.de

Nutrition Therapy at NCT Heidelberg

A diagnosis of cancer results in numerous drastic changes in life for both patients and their families. These often entail a loss of independence and increase as the disease progresses. The process of eating is also significantly affected.

Eating, an essential basic human need, is severely affected by illness, therapy and psychological strains caused by cancer. These changes usually manifest themselves as unwanted weight loss and subsequent nutrition deficiencies. The extent of malnutrition affects the prognosis, the frequency of complications, and the quality of life.

Therefore it is important to recognize nutrition deficits as early as possible so that malnutrition can be delayed or prevented. This helps to improve the efficacy of treatment and the quality of life.

Secretarial team of Nutrition therapy
Angelika Schmidt
Phone: +49 6221 56-37229
E-mail: ernaehrungstherapie@nct-heidelberg.de
or through the NCT Heidelberg outpatient departments and day care units.

Nutritional therapy staff

Nutrition therapy staff (from left to right): Matthias Hoffmann, Ingeborg Rötzer, Angelika Schmitt, Christiane Decker-Baumann, Harald Wetzel Fischer, Ludmila Miklova

Our team of dieticians is available to answer any questions you might have on the subject of nutrition.

The services offered to patients and their families by the nutrition therapy section include:

  • nutrition counseling during cancer treatment,
  • nutrition counseling when problems related to the disease or treatment arise,
  • nutrition counseling after digestive system surgery,
  • parenteral and enteral nutrition therapy.

Nutrition therapy group counseling service

Oncologic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract often cause nutrition problems. Often there is an unwanted loss of weight. The altered nutrition situation poses great challenges to the patients and their families. The service is intended for patients who have had their stomach or esophagus surgically removed and for patients with pancreatic cancer. Those affected can exchange experiences in small groups and, under professional guidance, jointly develop solution concepts.

As the number of participants is limited, please register beforehand (at the nutrition therapy secretarial team, for contact details see above).