Sarcoma Center Heidelberg

The sarcoma center in Heidelberg diagnoses and treats bone- and soft tissue sarcomas with an interdisciplinary approach. The center stands out due to its excellent interdisciplinary cooperation of different departments. During the weekly sarcoma boards the progress and treatment of about 600 patients is discussed every year. Participants of the sarcoma boards are  orthopedic surgeons, visceral surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists and if needed thoracic surgeons as well as representatives of other departments. Together they evaluate the appropriate treatment strategy for each patient.


Prof. Dr. med. Gerlinde Egerer

Prof. Dr. med. Gerlinde Egerer
Medical Clinic V

PD Dr. med. Burkard Lehner

Special Consultation

Appointments for our special consultation can be made via phone or e-mail.

PD Dr. med. Burkard Lehner

PD Dr. med. Georg Omlor



Ms Sarah Fahrbach
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E-mail: sarah.fahrbach@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Schneider

Dr. med. Simon Schimmack



Ms Helene Richter
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E-mail: helene.richter@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Prof. Dr. med. Gerlinde Egerer

PD Dr. med. Stefan Gröschel


Dr. med. Leonidas Apostolidis



NCT Patient Center ("NCT-Patientenzentrum")
Phone: +49 6221 56-5924
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E-mail: nct.patientenzentrum@med.uni-heidelberg.de

 Dr. med. Katharina Seidensaal


Dr. med. Matthias Mattke




Ms Andrea Danner
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E-mail: andrea.danner@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Fröhling

Dr. med. Christoph E. Heilig


Dr. med. Veronica Teleanu



Andrea Fries
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E-mail: andrea.fries@nct-heidelberg.de