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The OnkoAktiv network certifies oncological sports and exercise programmes throughout Germany. We provide training close to home for patients of all forms of cancer. To achieve this, the network works with doctors, clinics and specialists to provide the best possible care for our patients.

All information about the OnkoAktiv network can be found on our OnkoAktiv Website.

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Physical Activity, Sports and Cancer

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Physical activity for cancer

Physical activity in the form of physical training has a variety of positive effects on the body, psyche and social environment for people suffering from cancer. Hundreds of scientific studies show that the side effects of medical therapy can be reduced and even mitigated in their severity. A physically active lifestyle is also associated with an improved prognosis.

Who is OnkoAktiv?


The “OnkoAktiv Network” project was created in 2012 at the NCT in Heidelberg based on the basic idea of providing care across therapy phases and sectors. Since 2014, the project has been operating through the OnkoAktiv association at NCT Heidelberg e.V.. Today, OnkoAktiv sees itself as an integrating, nationwide network that aims to present andconnect existing and new offerings in the area of oncological sports and exercise.

Together we are pursuing the goal of creating a Germany-wide comprehensive and quality-tested service in which people with cancer and those previously affected can easily be referred to an exercise program close to home.

The training and therapy institutions cooperating with OnkoAktiv can be certified through a quality inspection and are then subject to defined quality standards that ensure professional care that is appropriate to the therapy situation.

The goals of OnkoAktiv

  • To provide people with cancer and those previously affected throughout Germany with movement therapy advice, training or therapy options close to home.
  • To promote the exchange between sports and exercise therapy, sports science, medicine, nursing and other professional groups working in oncology as well as self-help groups.
  • To expand the training and further education of movement-oriented specialists and integrate scientific findings and “best practice” experiences into routine care.

Membership in the network

Training centers which meet defined quality criteria may enter into a cooperative association with the network. Sports clubs, medical practices, hospitals, associations, self-help groups and private individuals who would like to get involved can support the networking activities of the association as sponsoring members.

Advantages for members arise from the quality-tested certification and transparency on the OnkoAktiv map, access to a wide range of information materials, the exchange of knowledge in various specialist disciplines, scientific projects and the introduction of oncological patients into their own exercise offerings.

Further information about membership in the OnkoAktiv network can be found here (German).

Board of the association "OnkoAktiv am NCT Heidelberg e. V."

1. Chair: Prof. Dr. Elke Jäger
2. Chair: Martin Höpfner
3. Chair: Prof. Dr. Joachim Wiskemann
4. Chair: Dr. Matthias Zimmermann


We would like to thank BASF SE for the long-standing support as the main sponsor of the OnkoAktiv network.

Every donation helps to establish and expand the network activities. Thanks for your contribution! If you have any questions about your donation, the OnkoAktiv team will be happy to assist you by email onkoaktiv@nct-heidelberg.de. We are happy to hear from you!

Our bank account for donations:
Verein Onko Aktiv am NCT Heidelberg e.V.
Volksbank Kurpfalz H+G Bank eG
IBAN: DE29 6709 2300 0033 2619 50

If you wish to obtain a donation receipt, please provide your name and your full address.