vom 17.07.2020

Elevation meters for cancer research: Private donation campaigns by employees for the NCT Heidelberg

Normally, Reinhard Liebers and his colleagues coordinate the scientific and clinical processes at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg. Constantin Pixberg is a doctor and scientist in the Department of Medical Oncology at the NCT. However, this summer, the two are facing a particular challenge in their free time: they plan to use their bicycles to collect donations for the NCT in Heidelberg.

"My goal with the fundraising campaign nEverest Against Cancer for the NCT Heidelberg is to climb the height of Mount Everest in one day on a bicycle," says Liebers. "Everyone can support me and my comrade-in-arms by participating in our fundraising campaign." All donations will be used for innovative cancer research projects at the NCT Heidelberg.

In a continuous cycle ride in one day, the aim is to climb as many metres in altitude as Mount Everest is high - 8,848 metres. Liebers has set a donation goal of 1,000 euros. The donations are the motivation to keep on increasing. On a mountain in the Odenwald he wants to take up the challenge and climb it 42 times, covering 250 kilometres in just under 20 hours. The race will take place on a single day between 17 July and 2 August at the latest.

Pixberg says, "With the RIDE n RAISE campaign, I want to collect as many vertical meters as possible with my racing bike to support the research and implementation of individual therapies for patients with incurable breast cancer".

Pixberg collects the altitude meters in only one day on the ascent to the Weiße Stein of Dossenheim. The implementation will take place between 18 July - 08 August 2020. The concrete date will be announced shortly.  The possibility to donate exists until 31 August 2020.

What do you collect donations for?

Donations for the NCT Heidelberg allow us to support innovative projects that are well received by patients. You can see what kind of projects have been implemented in recent years from donations here: www.nct-heidelberg.de/spendenprojekte