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Motivational intervention enhancing physical activity in oncology patients

In cooperation with the Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University (Gender Studies & Health Psychology).

Principal investigators:
Prof. Dr. Monika Sieverding und PD Dr. Joachim Wiskemann

Co-Principal investigators:
Prof. Dr Cornelia Ulrich, Prof. Dr. Karen Steindorf

Study coordinator:
Nadine Ungar


The MOTIVACTION-Study focuses on psychological components of cancer patients planning to be physically active. The study consists of two project parts. The first one was a cross-sectional survey of 193 cancer patients to examine their attitudes and barriers towards physical activity based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (Ajzen, 1991). The relationship between these health psychological variables, treatment related variables and sociodemographic variables were of special interest in order to gain strategies to increase the physical activity of cancer patients. The survey was completed in fall 2011.

The second project part was a randomized, controlled intervention trial based on the results of the survey. A physical activity counselling intervention was compared to a stress management training. The duration of the intervention was 4 weeks with a follow-up measure after 2 months. Outcome variables were amongst others variables of the Health Action Process Approach (Schwarzer, 1992), adherence to physical activity, stress, quality of life, coping with the disease and social support.

The MOTIVACTION intervention-study started in spring 2012 and was completed in spring 2013. Seventy-eight patients were enrolled. Data analysis is ongoing.


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