vom 11.10.2022

Curtain up - new films of the BRCA network are online!

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the BRCA Network presents four new information films on the topic of hereditary cancers. The focus is on those affected who share their experiences and tell how they were able to make (better) decisions through knowledge and exchange. These reports, some of which are very personal, are supplemented by scientists whose expertise makes them important contacts for those affected.

The film about the BRCA network as an organization shows who is behind the network, what makes it tick and what it stands for. These and other questions are answered by the network's board of directors.

Questions about prevention are answered in the second video: How do you deal with the knowledge of being a mutation carrier? How do you deal with the risk? What helps with decision-making? Two affected women have their say, each going their own way.

The desire to have children is a difficult and usually very emotional topic for those affected. Family planning is often not yet complete when a gene mutation is detected. What options are there? Which decisions can and must be made. Here, a woman describes her situation and how she came to her decision. A gynecologist answers technical questions about the desire to have a child and fertility treatment, and explains the risks.

Thing get scientific in the film Genetic Testing & Data Protection. What are genes? What does mutation mean? When does it make sense to get tested? What about data protection? Experts clearly explain what interested parties should know about genetic testing and data protection.

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