vom 23.06.2021

The problems of career (re)integration faced by cancer patients: How can we help?

With the aim of better understanding the enabling and limiting factors regarding staying or returning to work for cancer patients and to test specific measures of support, advisory and survey projects took place at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart (RBK), the National Centre for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg (NCT) as well as partly on behalf of and in cooperation with the Working Group Social Work in Oncology (ASO) of the German Cancer Society e. V.

All projects have shown that the problems of career (re)integration faced by cancer patients in treatment, therapy and aftercare need to be taken more into account, as they play an essential role in securing the livelihood of and managing the stress experienced by the patient. Experience with the implementation of specialised counselling (at the NCT) and low-threshold, relationship-oriented support (at the RBK) makes it clear in which direction psychosocial support services, in the context of the clinic, can be expanded to better support cancer patients in their efforts to “stay in life”.

Janßen, A., Schneider, S., Stäudle, J. et al. Probleme der beruflichen (Re‑)Integration von Krebserkrankten. Onkologe 27, 802–808 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00761-021-00973-0