vom 04.12.2020

Preview NCT events: 2021 – what’s to come?

Looking ahead to 2021 is associated with countless uncertainties, especially for the culture and event industry. Here we report on how our events will continue for the time being.

How often have we read and heard it: the pandemic has left its mark in Germany and around the world. It has been and still is a hard time, especially for cultural workers and event organisers. In the area of trade fairs alone, over 600 events were cancelled or postponed in Germany this year (source: statista). Every gathering of people, every congress and every seminar brings with it jobs, hopes, opportunities, economic factors and individual fates. We humans are also social beings. And therefore it is understandable that we wish to attend concerts, celebrate festivals and participate in further education and networking events with other participants soon.

Like everyone else, we don't know what the coming year will bring us. We don't know how soon we'll be able to bring our broadly popular event formats back to life, especially the larger events with 500+ participants. But instead of getting lost in speculation and hypotheses, we have decided for now to at least let the first half of 2021 be dominated by virtual events.

While in the middle of this year we were still beginners in the digital territory, today we can look back on a series of successful and insightful events, which, fortunately for us, our dear speakers and participants have encountered in a highly cooperative manner.

We‘re already working intensively on innovative ideas and solutions so that we can present ourselves with a wide and varied range of events in the coming year.

We would like to invite you, dear readers, to join us on this exciting journey through the event landscape in 2021.
Always keeping an eye on the regulations of the Federal Government and the Federal States, we remain dynamic in our organisation and therefore recommend that you keep yourself informed on our website and through this newsletter.

We are looking forward to everything that is coming and are of course always available for your questions and suggestions.

The Education and Event Office of NCT Heidelberg
Dr. Ingrid Schamal, Simin Werner, Gabriele Neureither

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