vom 17.01.2022

NCT Patient Advisory Board reorganized

In November 2021, the NCT Patient Advisory Board at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg was reorganized. All eleven members are active in oncological self-help groups or patients at the NCT/Heidelberg University Hospital. Imke Veit-Schirmer was elected spokesperson and Annette Hans deputy spokesperson for the patient advisory board.

The NCT patient advisory board supports patients and their relatives in quickly forwarding their concerns to the right place in the NCT Heidelberg. Imke Veit-Schirmer, spokeswoman for the patient advisory board, says: "All patients can contact us at any time with their questions or needs in an unbureaucratic manner. All members of the patient advisory board are affected themselves and know the fears and worries that come with cancer very well.”

The Patient Advisory Board can be reached by e-mail (patientenbeirat@nct-heidelberg.de) or via Anne Müller, the self-help representative at NCT Heidelberg. The Patient Advisory Board regularly discusses suggestions for improvement with the NCT Directorate and develops measures to improve communication between patients and medical staff, for example. In addition, the Patient Advisory Board is available to advise scientists and physicians at the NCT Heidelberg on the planning of clinical, patient-related research projects.
Anne Müller, self-help officer at the NCT Heidelberg says: “We are very grateful for the commitment of the volunteer members. The Patient Advisory Board helps us to continuously develop the work at the NCT Heidelberg and to include the patient's perspective". »Learn more: www.nct-heidelberg.de/patientenbeirat

The members of the Patient Advisory Board at the NCT Heidelberg:

Imke Veit-Schirmer, spokesperson
Patient Representative

Annette Hans, deputy spokesperson
Selbsthilfegruppe für Lungenkrebserkrankte und deren Angehörige in der Metropolregion Rhein/ Neckar

Claudia Bischoff
Patient Representative

Christine Dahms
BRCA-Netzwerk-Hilfe bei familiären Krebserkrankungen e.V., Gesprächskreis Heidelberg

Christa Knebel
Leukämie- und Lymphom-Hilfe Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

Günther Kupke
Selbsthilfegruppe Prostatakrebs Rhein-Neckar e.V.

Sabrina Scherbarth
Patient Representative

Prof. Patrick Schloss
ILCO Gruppe Mannheim, Schwerpunkt Stoma und Darmkrebs

Renate Schoenmakers
mamazone - Frauen und Forschung gegen Brustkrebs e.V., Regionalgruppe Heidelberg-Mannheim

Wolfgang Weber
Selbsthilfe Lebertransplantation Deutschland, Kontaktgruppe Heidelberg

Tina Zahn
Deutsche Stiftung für Junge Erwachsene mit Krebs - Treffpunkt Heidelberg