vom 24.10.2023

Counseling services at the NCT Heidelberg: New brochure provides an overview

In addition to medical advice, the NCT Heidelberg offers its patients information and support in order to strengthen them in every aspect. Concerns and needs are individual, which is why the counseling services at the NCT Heidelberg cover a broad spectrum. The newly published counseling brochure provides information about the contact points and how to reach them.
Jürgen Walther, Head of Social Services at the NCT Heidelberg, says: ""The brochure provides patients with a quick and comprehensive overview of the counseling services available. At the beginning of a disease, many don't even know that we can support them and also their relatives in so many ways." The offers range from exercise, nutrition and psycho-oncological counseling to social services, palliative services and pastoral care to integrative oncology, ethics counseling and self-help.

Patients receive the brochure when they start treatment at the NCT Heidelberg. Further information on the counseling services and the brochure for download can also be found on our website.