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SarcBOP – Registry Trial for Sarcoma Research

Sarcomas are rare mesenchymal malignancies arising from connective tissues as well as bones and cartilage and are characterized by histologic diversity and variable clinical course.
Sarcomas can occur in any part of the body and at any age, which poses significant challenges for clinical trials and basic research. The understanding and treatment of sarcomas have improved substantially in recent decades. However, physicians caring for sarcoma patients are still dealing with an almost infinite number of clinical scenarios.

SarcBOP aims to establish a database that integrates all aspects relevant to sarcoma care and research. It will, therefore, not be limited to specific questions or patient subgroups but instead form a comprehensive data collection that includes clinical, pathologic, and radiologic information, multi-layered molecular data, and patient-reported outcomes combined with a dedicated biobank for tissue samples and liquid biopsies. As the study integrates seamlessly with clinical activities, including the MASTER program at NCT Heidelberg, SarcBOP will provide a comprehensive and continuously growing source of information for physicians, researchers, and patients.

What is a registry trial?
A registry trial is an observational study that collects diagnostic and therapeutic data from routine clinical care. The population to be examined is first completely recorded in a registry with regard to the corresponding indication. Registry trials have proven useful in numerous clinical situations. In rare diseases, in particular, they can provide valuable information that cannot be obtained from randomized studies.

Support SarcBOP
Regardless of whether you are a patient, physician, or researcher, please contact the study team for questions or additional information.

Prof. Stefan Fröhling
Dr. Chistoph E. Heilig
Prof. Richard F. Schlenk
E-mail: sarcbop@nct-heidelberg.de
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